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Franklin Street Furniture is a design/build studio located in Tampa, Florida. We are dedicated to the idea that art, and custom furniture, is a part of life to be experienced, not simply observed. We enjoy melding stylized contemporary designs with precise, traditional skills to build superior works of art in the form of custom wood furniture.

All our custom furniture is handmade in-house in Tampa, either in collaboration with a client just like you, or as an exhibit gallery piece that pushes new design and sculptural boundaries.

Our portfolio includes inspirational pieces, built to order works and limited editions that work well in either a home or office. The collection is evolving and new pieces are often added. Our expertise allows us to craft and builds any style or design and you’ll see many examples of custom dining tables, Asian-inspired buffets, and pieces built to fit the Craftsman style of so many beautiful homes in the Tampa area.

We also love to teach and are big advocates of craft, so if you are interested in buying a computer desk, please follow the link below to the School Site.


If you would like to explore the creation of a custom piece, please visit our Custom Furniture Design page. We will work side by side with you to develop something unique, and truly beautiful. We welcome inquiries from discerning private clients, interior designers, and architects via our Contact Us page.

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